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Competition Rules Amended January 2018

Competitions are open to all paid up members.

We run four competitions each year year in March, May, September and November.

There are 2 classes of entry 'Club Class' for novices and beginners and 'Advanced Class' for the more experienced turners.

Each member is allowed to enter 1 item in 1 class per competition

Each member can decide which 'Class' they wish to enter including new members.

The voting will be by the members and guests attending on competition evenings as now. One vote per person in each class.

Working on an aggregated points system as follows:-

In each class the entry receiving the most votes would be awarded 10 points, second 9 points and third 8 points all the way to 1 point, should there be more than 10 entries then all the remaining would get 1 point Joint winners are permitted. E.g. tied scores for first would each be awarded 10 points, second 9 points and for third 8 point.  

Each class are competing for a trophy which will be presented at the AGM            

These points for each competition will be totalled for the club year, the competitor with the most points at the end of the year will be awarded with the trophy which will be engraved and they will keep for the year, a £10 prize and a certificate (the trophy will be returned in December for the next year’s winner. The second and third highest would receive a certificate.


Club Class

The current method of elevation to the next class having achieved a single win would change. Points gained by all in the Club class would be carried forward to the following year and points gained added when a member reaches 30 points the member will receive a certificate of merit and move up to the higher class the next year.

A member can if they so wish move up to the higher class at anytime but any points they have gained in the lower class will be lost and they will start from zero, once a member moves up from the lower class they cannot move back down.


Advanced section

Points will be awarded in the same way and the final score at the end of the year will produce a winner for the £10 prize a certificate and the trophy, to be held for the year. Second and third will be awarded a certificate as above.

In this section all points will be zeroed at the end of the year and all entrants will start again from scratch.

The committee’s decision will be final in the event of dispute.




             November 2019

            Club Class Winners

1st Rob Collin with 10 votes

    Gorden Goodchild with 10 votes

2nd Dereck Harvey with 4 votes

     Peter Alcock with 4 votes

     Ian Rose with 4 votes

3rd Chris Clarke with 2 votes

     Mark  Wareing with 2 votes


        Advanced Class Winners

1st  Robert Pues with 10 votes

2nd Ron Pannell with 9 votes

3rd Barry Pearce with 5 votes




Club Class

First - Ian Rose with 26 points

Second - Alistair Cook with 22 points

Third - Ken Townsend with 19 points


Advanced Class

First - Barry Pearce with 31 points

Second - Dave Cox with 30 points

Third - Ian Corstorphine with 26 points


Congratulations to all our winners

Ian Rose will move to Advanced Class for 2020 competitions.

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