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This was our fourth and final Competition of the year.


Competition winners November 2018


Club Class

1st  Ian Corstorphine   with 17 votes

2nd Clayton Edgerton  with   7 votes

3rd Peter Williamson   with   5 votes


Advanced Class

        1st  Dave Cox              with 9 votes

Joint 2nd Ron Pannell           with 4 votes

              Trevor Blackburn   with 4 votes

Joint 3rd James Davey         with 3 votes

              Barrie Pearce         with 3 votes

              Less Sandall          with 3 votes

              Roddy Woodthorpe with 3 votes

Competition winners of the 2018 Annual Competition


Club Class

1st Ian Corstorphine with 64 points

2nd Reg Cooper       with 44 points

3rd  Clayton Edgerton  with 16 points


Advanced Class

1st James Davey      with 35 points

2nd Dave Cox          with 30 points

3rd Barrie Pearce     with 25 points


Moving up to advanced class from club class for 2019


Ian Corstorphine and Reg Cooper

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